• Southwest Florida Diesel Marine Engine Repair


    Our factory-trained mechanics cannot only repair your boat but also perform preventive maintenance on your outboard motors for any season.

    • Regular service checkups – including tune-ups, servicing, water pump replacement, lower unit oil change, and other manufacturer recommended procedures.
    • Spring tune-ups – pre-season overall check-up of boat systems and motor.
    • Winterization – ready your boat and motor for prolonged storage to prevent freezing and seizing of mechanical parts. Winter damage is largely preventable.
    • Major over hauls and re-powers – Diesel Marine Engines. When engines reach their life expediency and need to be replaced we can discuss the many options that you may face.
    • Electronics installation and repair – problems with existing equipment or installing new let us handle it for you.
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    Volvo Penta


    Rapid Response Service

    Suncoast Diesel Marine, Inc is proud to be a Volvo Penta Rapid Response Service dealer in Sarasota, Florida

    Mobile Repair Technicians

    Suncoast Diesel Marine's mobile service technicians can repair your boat at your dock, marina or other dry stack facility. We offer mobile repair and maintenance services throughout Southwest Florida.

    Suncoast Diesel Marine

    Serving the Suncoast since 1992.